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September 25 2011

June 22 2011

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Daily Needs

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but im NOT an addict

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June 10 2011

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June 09 2011

and they've all ended up being just like Microsoft!
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June 02 2011

May 28 2011

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May 25 2011

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April 19 2011

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April 15 2011

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April 07 2011

The World’s First Internet Special-Characters Poem

The following poem appeared in the May/June 1990 issue of Infocus magazine and has since been floating around the Internet. The original authors were Fred Bremmer and Steve Kroese of Calvin College & Seminary of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

How to read it?

Waka waka bang splat tick tick hash,
Caret quote back-tick dollar dollar dash,
Bang splat equal at dollar under-score,
Percent splat waka waka tilde number four,
Ampersand bracket bracket dot dot slash,
Vertical-bar curly-bracket comma comma CRASH.

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Nerdy Tweets WIN


epic win photos - Nerdy Tweets WIN

Submitted by: chbrules

Via: www.reddit.com

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April 02 2011

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Angry Nerds
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